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Granny made a fortune selling her patented herbal remedy. Now most every night she plays high stakes Guts Poker in her penthouse with her nouveau riche friends:

  • "Chic" Bronson - inventor of the TSA-approved auto-patdown booth.
  • "Cueball" Thompson - inveterate hipster and publisher of Small Batchin' magazine.
  • Ying Fat - fireworks king of Canal Street.
  • Jeff Lester - motivational speaker and CEO-impersonator.
  • "Ma" Harding - initiator of a series of rapid bank withdrawals in her favor.
  • Paula Poundstone - southern belle chef, creator of the chicken-fried pecan.

A diverse group indeed, but with a few traits in common -- poker faces, deep wallets, and a reckless desire to win at any cost...

Guts Poker is a fast paced poker game where each player is dealt four cards and then must declare either in (has guts) or out (no guts). Two more cards are dealt, after which the winner with the best five card hand takes the pot. Losing players that called guts must then match the winning pot, which grows quickly.

If you lose all your money the game will, unlike some people, reliably advance you a $100 chip each new game (although it may subject you to advertising when that happens). You may also buy extra chips to help whomp your skilled opponents.

Each player takes turns being the dealer. At the start of a new game, the first to deal is determined by giving one card to each player. The player with the highest card becomes the first dealer.

If the pot is empty then all players ante a single $100 chip. Dealer hands out one card, face down, to his left, until all player have four cards. Each player, starting from dealers left, calls "guts" or "no guts". Players who call guts are dealt two more cards, face down.

If no one calls guts, the deal passes to the left of the dealer and the pot remains. If only the dealer calls guts other players get a second chance to call guts. All players with guts show the best five card hand they can make. Twos are wild, best five card hand out of six cards wins the pot.

If only one player calls guts the round ends, and a new round starts with ante. If more than one player calls guts, the winner takes the pot and the losers must all match the pot. If a player does not have enough to cover the pot the house puts up the money. When a player's total is less than $100 they cannot ante for new game.

If you start a new game with less than $100 you are bumped up to $100. An ad may be shown in this case. You may buy more chips for longer play, see menu at left.

Game ends when you have all of the money or you are broke.

Best five card hand table, lowest to highest:

Highest card
Highest Pair
Highest 2 pair
Highest 3 of a kind
Highest Straight
Highest Flush
Highest Full house
Highest 4 of a kind
Highest Straight flush
Highest 5 of a kind

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